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Step 1:

Discovering Your Wedding Music Style


By Evan Dallas

Wedding Photos

Do you go traditional?  Do you want more laid-back?  Do you want modern?  Do you have more of a religious ceremony?  Do you have a non-religious ceremony?

They are all important questions to ask. This is the most important place for you to start when planning your ceremony.  


When talking to clients about their upcoming wedding day, they invariably feel overwhelmed with choices.  Getting the right songs in the right place sets the mood and creates the right feelings!  


This cannot be overstated.  Feelings are what you and your guests will remember.


Here are the three main categories that every bride has to choose from:

1.)  Traditional / Classic

You may have a traditional catholic mass.  You may have a church wedding.  You may have a non-religious wedding. Either way, if you want a feeling of reverence you want to go the traditional route.  


Formal weddings tend to have elaborate decorations, a more elegant feeling, and a general sense of respect for the tradition of marriage.


This songs aren’t necessarily “old” or “classical”.  What makes them unique is their ability to create a reverent, contemplative atmosphere.  


Ave Maria is a great example:


Ave Maria

2.)  Informal 

Those who choose an informal wedding often modify traditional aspects of a ceremony. They hold on to several important practices usually, generate a mixture of both traditions and coming up with something new. 


If you want to create a more informal, modern atmosphere, this is a great fit:


Thousand Years

3.)  Traditional and Modern

It seems that many want a mixture of both the reverence of the marriage ceremony and the feeling of a relaxed, personalized ceremony.  The possibilities are endless but there tends to be some styles of music that are both traditional and modern.  


An example of a blended ceremony may include these songs:
Perfect -Wedding Party

Largo - Processional

Beethoven’s 9th “Ode to Joy” - Recessional



Bottom Line

It’s your wedding and the feelings you create are largely dependent on the style of music you choose!  If you’re having a hard time, don’t worry. I have become an expert and determining what a couple really wants and helping them plan their wedding day to make it THEIRS!  Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consult.  Contact here

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