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Step 2:

Selecting The Perfect Songs For Your Wedding Style 


By Evan Dallas

Bride and Groom

The beauty of live music is not only a more intimate feeling, but it can be personalized and tailored to you.  It has a sense of uniformity and the possibilities are endless.


So let’s just get down to it and discuss what is probably on your mind:  which songs do I pick? After all, the right choice in music and musicians will make your wedding flow and develop the atmosphere you want.  


You don’t want your wedding to sound like a clunky mix-tape, so let’s go through a simple checklist:

Prelude Songs

During these songs is when your guests will be arriving and seated.  It sets an atmosphere for the wedding and can be a little overwhelming to choose all of these songs.  But the good news is this: you don’t have to choose these songs!  Most of my clients give me some words to go by and I can select from there.  Traditional? Contemporary? Religious? Mixture? “Disney-like”? Classical? The possibilities are numerous which is why I am here to help!

Here's a very beautiful piece that creates a warm atmosphere:


Bach Prelude in C

Parents/Grandparents Seating

This is the song during which the grandparents or parents of the brides are being escorted to their seat.  This can be a song that one of the parents like, an oldies song from their era, or a song that expresses what they mean to you! 

Here's a classy, golden-sounding piece that would fit perfectly:


I Love Thee

Wedding Party

I always suggest a song that’s neither too fast nor too slow.  You want your wedding party to walk down the aisle at a comfortable pace.  Canon in D is a perfect option for that reason!


Canon in D

Bride Processional

This is the big moment when the bride walks down the aisle!  There’s usually a small pause between the previous song and this one:  It needs to really shine and stand out!  It can be something grandiose or something sweet.  It can be a favorite love song or something more traditional.  Either way, there are many great songs to choose from.  Here's a beautiful arrangement of the popular song "Thousand Years":


Thousand Years


This is when the party starts! A lot of couples who decide to go a more classical route for the beginning of the ceremony, take the opportunity to do something a bit more “fun” for the recessional. Whether you choose classical or popular/contemporary, look for a piece that is high energy and starts with a bang!  Here's one that's unique and yet is a great fit for a recessional:



Bottom Line

It may seem a little overwhelming but you don’t have to do it alone!   You don’t want any awkward moments.  Finding musicians who can help guide you to your ultimate wedding music soundtrack and can help time each aspect of your wedding is an invaluable tool!  I’ll be happy to help walk you through the music selection process.

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